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2008-01-27 16:03:37 by geoghan1

from: mark4689...not me!!!


Why is Emo so bastardized now a days... barely anyone who claims to know what it is doesnt really know what it is?

chances are.. that most of the people here dont even know the true meaning.

this is the script i wrote for a video that i recently made on youtube regarding this topic:

First off all you idiots that call yourself or other people emo are complete idiots and know nothing about music. Its a genre of music... not a lifestyle or a stereotype. People cannot be emo just like they can not be hip hop or rap. U dont call a *** a rap or an r&b.

Also Emo doesnt stand for emotional... it stands for emotive hardcore or "emotional hardcore" and its a genre of music that branched off of hardcore punk after minor threat broke up. It began in the late 80s in the dc scene and it started with a band called rites of spring. Other bands such as moss icon and indian summer started catching on to the new sound and it evolved from there. It sorta died out in the 90s and then reappeared in the late 90s. Then the press got a hold of the term emo and started misusing it which is why there are so many of you posers today.

Its characterized by its fast paced drums simmilar to hardcore, its vocals include mostly abrassive screaming, and the guitars are usually playing unharmonized power chords. A lot of current emo bands also have a really distinct bass sound. Basically its just do it your self hardcore. Saetia, Hot Cross, City of Caterpillar, Circle Takes the Square, pg. 99 and Orchid are all examples of modern emo bands not the stupid fake *** that all you posers listen to like taking back sunday, dashboard confessionals, my chemical romance, fallout boy and all that gay ***.

Emo has nothing to do with slitting your wrist or any of that ***. Although a lot of emo songs do have a lot of emotional and personal stuff in their lyrics. 1emo music is not an advocate for slitting your wrist or harming yourself and its not about crying yourself to sleep or writing poems. People who follow that are posers and dont know what hell emo is... and they need some serious mental counceling.

I know a bunch of you posers are going to comment this and call me stupid.. but the fact is you posers are the stupid ones. Maybe you should go learn something about music instead of listening to shitty music and tellin me I dont know what im talkin about. Thats all I got for you.

heres the video Hrts and heres a site for additional info /index.htm .

please give me some feedback

not me!!!


...and knock the little jockeys off the rich peoples lawn...

2008-01-24 20:34:19 by geoghan1

Wow another post an nother hot girly pic. This time the random topic will be
*Diamond Pulls a card out of a hat*
Favorite songs!

ill chose ten in no particular order...

1-Layla-Derek and the Doninos-Clapton+Duane Allman=unsermountable awesomeness
2-Cardiff-Stone Sour-Heavy goodness, proves that there is some good in slipknot after all...
3-Bobby Brown Goes Down-Frank Zappa-...when i fucked this dike by the name of freddy...she put my balls in a vice but she left the dick i guess its still hooked on but it shoots to quick...average people dont write like that
4-judith-Perfect circle-tastefull psudo-blasphmey
5-Thrown Away-Pappa Roach-Sissy Angst at it's finest
6-The Crimson-Atreyu-Its a love song with vampires i know it sounds gay; comes out swinging with Badass Riffage...
7-Rite of Passage-Bayside-More Cool Sissy Angst!
8-Angle-Jimi Hendrix-hits a real soft spot*sobs*
9-The Six Degrees of inner Turbulence-Dream theater-A 1 hour probe in to Dementia
*drum roll*
10-My Friend of misery-Metallica-i can relate to the lyrics+Badass riffs

*diamond whines*
The bitch need to pee so i going to go see you next time!!

...and knock the little jockeys off the rich peoples lawn...

Diamond; mans best friend?

2008-01-22 21:32:58 by geoghan1

Today im gonna do somthin different instead of girl on girl im gonna rap with you about my Bitch (its in the correct context), Diamond.

She's an american pit bull terrier (AMPT)
4 years old
bout 25 lbs
likes wrestling, long walks, childen, sticking her head out of the window while im driving, and licking herself.
dislikes: vaccums, other dogs (few exeptions) rain, pouring water, people making the motion of pouring while holding a bottle, baths.

favorite food: juicy porkchops (she doesen't stop licking her lips)
she won't eat: corn

When i go to sleep she's curled up in my bed
When i wake up in the morning she's right there streched out next to me
when i sit down she lays under my feet when im out she waits at the window
When she's on the road she roll out her toungue whether her heads out her window or not

She's sweet and innocent until she thinks im threatened the she growls like the guy from "As I Lay dying". She's Full of energy all ways ready to move, and when the days over Diamond ready to curl up in my bed to do it all again tomorrow.

Shes A Really, Really Good Dog. Till she eats off Steve's plate then shes a "stupid bitch".
Flame Him Not Me for that.

Diamond; mans best friend?

Grand theft WTF

2008-01-20 22:45:14 by geoghan1

I Dusted off some old games recently namely my GTA 3 an San andreas.
just to kill a lil time i played 3 from an old save i let guest use an i was havin a damn blast!
every thing felt a little new, from side swipin' the poor saps in the ambulance jobs.
Goin ape shit with the bazooka in the tunnel. Then my pro skills came back and i was an one man act of God bearing dowin on the unfoutunate souls of Liberty city. Then the tanks came an owned me after about 45 minutes.

Then i played SA hoping to take my self to gaming nirvana...that felling went down faster than a child molester in prison.
I played from scratch and i drove around and i started shootin foo's (my civic duty) and i was gettin my butt kicked by drug dealers and then i realized my pistol lvl was low. Now im thinkin why should i grind to get my pistol lvl up, the i thought ill just go to my main an show Los santos how its done.
i got my harrier and i went back and painted the hood a crimson most cruely...i had so much to do and all the challenges an i did'nt care the murderin kept me satisfied. I mean what the hell i did all this crap
all that extra stuff an lookin back i did'nt care either way if did them or not, hell i did them twice all ready in 3 an VC. The new stuff to, all those schools i only did them to do stuff i could do from jump in the older ones. Depression set in followed by confusion then capped by rage. I got all this new stuff i can do an the only truly useful one was swimming! The Fuck! Then it hit me when i did all that i did it jus to do it, there was no felling at all it was like kissing during a hookup; it was a formality and not at all necessary...When i play a good game i get this exited felling like "damn i can't but this down" an then bam! its 1am i gotta go to work in 5 hours, shit call in sick!
But here i was slogging through it like first hour math. Honestly i brought SA before the "Hot Cofee" controversy and the VR life o crime did'nt appeal to me the 3rd time around in retrospect.


Grand theft WTF

The power of VII 2/XX

2008-01-19 18:17:30 by geoghan1

Today i will show you the VII note and a way to use it in a 12 bar blues progression

I IV V is the normal chord progression

but if you add a VII to any of the chords for example:

in the new progression...

G for 3 bars
then G7 (add F) 1 bar
C for 1 bar
then C7 (add B) 1 bar
G for 1 bars
then G7 (add F) 1 bar
D7 (add C) 1 bar
C7 (add B) 1 bar
G7 (add F) 1 bar
D for 1 bar

thats all for now

The power of VII 2/XX

Intro to the Blues 1/Many

2008-01-16 02:15:15 by geoghan1

This is a mini lesson to the blues style of guitar playin'
Im mainly self taught so if its a lil off then pro advice is encauraged.


Now I relate notes to numbers (degrees) this is uber important
A blues verse has 12 bars lets break it down.

A standard blues progression is I IV V to be more specific:
four bars of (I)
two bars of (IV) then
two bars of (I)
one bar of (V) then
one bar of (IV)
one bar of (I) then
one bar of (V)

lets put it in the key of G

A standard blues progression is G C D to be more specific:
four bars of (G)
two bars of (C) then
two bars of (G)
one bar of (D) then
one bar of (C)
one bar of (G) then
one bar of (D)

this is usually done by playin applicable major chords

Next Lesson the dominant VII (7th) note
A.K.A the blues note

Intro to the Blues 1/Many

Gay! Who cares?

2008-01-14 22:43:12 by geoghan1

Its the year 2008 an why are these issues, well... still issues?
Black, white, chinese, mexican, eskimo, are apparently still strikes against you and double goes if your gay.

I am not gay, for the record. I am not petitioning for their rights, only a little common sense.
Only beautiful people are shown in the news noadays, beautiful people+anything=headline news;
jon Bennet Ramsey been dead 10 years, and dispite girls dissapearing every day she still gets a better time billing than the president on the news.
Teacher has sex with student every 17 year old boys fantasy dosent hit the news unless shes smokin hot (and they all go to reheab unless you are ugly then don't drop the soap ladies). I digress.
People who bilt careeres on gay bashing are getting their hans caught in the rainow cookie jar
and paris hilton visits random impovrished country, while Lindsay enters rehab for the 5th time are all you see for a month. When the story breaks he has resigned and his boyfriend has fled to his home: random inpovrished country. They wanna marry, adopt, fly to venus or whatever, churches want to ban them from heaven or whatever. Red states wanna hang them, Blue states wanna ignore them. What the hell ever. If they can deny them onething they can find a way to deny us everything.
Erica and Beth can't elope in vegas to day, Tamika and Boss Tanaka can't vote tommorow.
Ask about the Ohio Vote results from the last election. Legaly they have to show us but they won't.
You won't hear about that in the news but theres new info about Nicole Ricci's baby an OMG lookit TomKat matching shoes....

BTW what Beth and Erica's honeymoon would have loked like if they could have got married.


Gay! Who cares?

Here's a list of over rated artist:

Justin timberlake(New Michale Jackson my ass)
John Mayer(Sissy he has offended the instrument i love)
Alicia Keys(Bland)
Jamie Foxx(Can't play piano or spell fox)
foo fighters(At least Cobain was interesting)
EMO(not an artist but still i cant turn on the radio w/o hearing new age girlie-men mouthin off about there "fellings" well let me tell you something any man who feel that way aint interested in you ladies there into there images in mirrors & buttplugs.)

theres more but thats al i can think of at the moment
Heres a pic of what we should really be concerned with

Don't ask Alice cause she don't hear no mo'

One Hell of a place

2007-12-15 03:44:54 by geoghan1

Newgrounds is by no means new to me, I herd about it a few times over the past few years.

Really did not care about it all that much either.

Till sum people i know started submitin' stuff. Then I said if some one's gonna balst'em on the net it'd better be someone who can give clear & concise criticism all in my lovingly twisted fasion, so i took the plunge. Saw my friends stuff an then i started to look at other movies to see what this place was about...

I was angered, enraged (theres a diference), shocked, appaled, annoyed, offended and amazed all in the same ten minets after confirmed my email. Thats whats thei place is about...I guess this is what happens when u open the gates u let in everyone in. Spielberg and Ron Jeremy waltz in a few Ellen's and George Lopez's (He shames the name), an subjec them to the democratic process which is'nt all that great either. I digress. This is indeed an a most interesting place to spend lunch time. There one issue though it sticks in my mind even as i type this, theres a lot of...feces in the post. Theres some awe inspiring stuff in these pages.

But lests just leave it at that.

This is not a letter of dissent but notice of intent improve the place democratically. With my votes and my aformentioned critique!