T.V. is back on what? hellyeah

2008-02-13 18:41:18 by geoghan1

hooray! The strike is over!!! tv is coming back ohhh lets never fight again, it wont always be easy
but its times like this that lets me know what we have is real... yes

t.v. teacher, mother, secret lover...muah!

tv is alive and will come out of the rerun coma in 3 months


now i will show you the reason i watch tv
gregory house, md

T.V. is back on what? hellyeah


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2008-02-13 18:45:39

tv almost died?? D:

geoghan1 responds:

yeah there was a 3 month strike
most shows were in reruns
in america


2008-02-16 19:02:28

funny my tv worked fine.

geoghan1 responds:

yeah lie down and drink some water take the red pill and every thing will be fine