What's after winter heres a hint NOTHING

2008-02-02 18:13:46 by geoghan1

The writers strike is still on, and most shows are in indefinate reruns...
and if the strike ended tomorrow we prolly wouldn't see any thing till the summer
Shoot there aint enought good new games to me occupied.
When it does get hot its gonna be over for tv.
the last strike claimed 2 million vieweres. hell we can only watch the same episode of Gossip girl for so long, who am i kidding no one can watch an episode of Gossip girl.
when people figure out that fresh air and sunlight is more appealing, brittney and, Everwood...well you'll just have to wait and see won't ya!

seriously, the only people being hurt by this strike is the industry itself.
now if the pulmbers went on strike then we would have a problem.

P.S the strike may have tv in trouble but the porn industry is still going strong!!!!

What's after winter heres a hint NOTHING


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2008-02-03 05:26:40

1. Eew, you watch Gossip Girl?
2. You're not 22 yet.
3. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 22610 You should like this place--more or less.
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geoghan1 responds:

"who am i kidding no one can watch an episode of Gossip girl"
thats upthere i dont watch it read the post before you flame


2008-02-03 13:06:28

Geoghan Away!


2008-02-03 14:12:42

You have a broken conception of the term "flame".
Flaming you is firing random insults for little or no (good) reason.
I just pinted somethings out, besides it was a joke.


2008-02-04 18:19:01


geoghan1 responds:



2008-02-05 17:27:54

i've come to harass you. lesbions?

geoghan1 responds:

uhh, i think its spelled lesbians


2008-02-09 19:09:54

yes! yes! tongue down throat!